About Good Web Works

GWW (Good Web Works) specializes in web design and development for nonprofits and organizations focused on “positive change.” I am the owner/founder and I do most of the work myself, only very occasionally turning to outside contractors or associates for assistance with special programming needs or print-related work. I’ve been doing web design and development since 1999 and founded GWW in 2006. I have a formal education in business (MBA) and over 20 years of experience in both design and development.

I take great pride in my work ethic and strive to consistently provide my clients with clear, thorough and prompt communication. My business background, technical abilities, and design sense comprise a well-rounded skillset for start-to-finish web design and development. My strengths lie in attention to detail, layout design / spacial analysis, and in organizing content for best presentation via the web. I prefer clean, minimal design, and strive for a balance between aesthetics and usability.

GWW focuses on providing good service at a good value to organizations doing good work – “doing good work for people doing good work,” as the tagline reads. Personally, I aim only to maintain a modest lifestyle while doing (hopefully) meaningful work. I think GWW’s rates are extremely competitive, given my experience and commitment. Many web shops outsource their work in order to make a profit.  I work directly with my clients — you tell me what you want, I do it — I think that keeps the process as simple/clear/efficient as possible and enables me to provide the best value. I prefer to charge an hourly rate ($60) — as opposed to a flat fee — with a target budget in mind, and an understanding that I’ll always do my best to provide as much quality work as possible within that budget. I handle updates and maintenance on an as-needed basis at the same hourly rate — no minimum charges or monthly retainers.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to our potential collaboration!

Sky Esser
Good Web Works

Sky Esser (2015)
Owner/Founder, Good Web Works