I’ve been at this a while

Full Client/Project List, Past & Present, Including Non-Nonprofits

Abode Communities

Advanced Technology Park


Alan Zeichick

American Primitive Art

American Wave Machines

Angelo Mei, Producer

Arizona Game & Fish Department

Artisan Design

Atlantic Specialty Coffee, Inc.

Audrey Mandelbaum

Autism Behavior Intervention


Baby Name Scramble

Bake Sale

Barsocchini & Associates Designs

Bay Uno

Be Cause PR

Berkley Unified School District

Besant Hill School

Beyond Homes

Blockhouse Post

Blue Oak

Blue Train Tutoring

Bowled & Beautiful


Branches Learning

Brittany’s Batmizvah

Bryn & Bruss


California Children’s Academy

Carol Gray, Reporter

CASA North Carolina

Century Housing

Century Affordable Development

Century Villages at Cabrillo

Conservation Allies

The Children’s Storefront

Christopher Rubin

Cinema Intent


Community Resource Center

Creative Financial Management

Crush Lab

Dan Phoenix

Dance Around The Sun

David Solomini

Davis Design & Development

Demetrius M. Posey School of Music Engineering

Department of Fun Graphs

Desert Tortoise Council

Development Ventures Group

DS White Law

E.H. Waddell – Moon Chrome

E.S. Schubert Sculptures

Ele Keats

Enoch Media

Eric’s Vison

Exploring Computer Science

Fedora Primo

Fabula’s Catering

Flower Fix

Forensic Psychiatric Associates, LP

Foundation for Psychocultural Research

Generator Design

Generator Skateboard Distribution

Gilbert & Sackman

Ginny Winn, MFT


Global Alliance of Territorial Communities

GO Internet Sales

Goldmine Industries

Good Company

GRYD Foundation

HG Edible Landscapes

Holler Ink

Hyperborean Health

Indian Country Grassroots Support

If Not Us Then Who?

Intelligent Media Systems

John Christensen, Editor

Julia Choi

Justice for Saweto

Kate Kalstein

KCS West

Kellie Jean Reiki

KLG Criminal Defense

Kettley Publishing Company

KUD International

LA Meta Calendar

Linda Purl

Lucky In Love

Lunch Ticket

Mara Purl

Matrix Direct

Michelle Schmitt

Mind Body Center

Monkeyman Movie

Nation Foundation

Napier Capital Group

Narisa’s Art

Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles

New Horizons

Ninad Gallery

Nonprofit Support Center, Santa Barbara

OFN (Our Future Now)

Ollie Pop Bubble Gum


One San Pedro

Painted Rock Elementary

Palisades Preschool

Paula Tabalipa

The Peter Glenville Foundation

Prepare for Collegiate Athletics

Private Client Services Realty

Pro-Mar Designs

Propeller Solutions

Rainforest Foundation US

Rancho Del Mar Realty


Rebel Earth Films

Red Reign Film


Remarkable Bark

Robert Goold, Photographer

Rubber Ducky

Roker Creative

Rowla Studios

Rubicon International Theatre Festival

Salvation Sacks

San Diego County Water Authority

Santa Monica Mold Inspection


Shabo Music

Skid Row Housing Trust

Skill House Learning

SOS Rainforest Now


Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Spectrum Foods


STAR – Student Theater, Television And Radio

Sterling Watson Engineering


Symptom Media

Truth On Tour

Through the Lens of Her Camera

Waterless Urinals

WaterSmart San Diego

Wendy Sue Noah

Wendy Wilkinson Writer

Westside Relationship Center

West LA Commons

West LA Veterans Collective

White Gold Law

Why Obama

Why Obama Now

Women In Technology International

Women’s Center of Los Angeles

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund

Working With Autism

Yogurt Shoppe